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Is your family ready for the unexpected? We have compiled a list of helpful tools to help you be prepared. Use the checklists, information sheets and links to determine the course of action that is best for your family. 

**Useful Tips if You Have Water in Your Basement**:

o   Depending on the scope of the loss, and other monetary factors, decide on how to mitigate the damage.

o   Calling an emergency services company, such as SERVPRO® is very effective, yet costly. If SERVPRO is needed they can be reached at 1-800-737-8776.  Other Restoration Companies include SmokeClean (410-274-4444), CleanCare (401-736-5426), and PuroClean (1-866-787-6474).

o   If you can handle some of the work yourselves, here a just a few useful tips:

§  Don't work alone, if possible

§  Move valuables to a dry side or dry elevation

§  Extract all the water by any means — mopping, sump pump, portable sump pump, wet vacuum, or wet shop vacuum

§  Pump the water far from the foundation with a long hose.

§  Remove all saturated and damaged personal property (may need to preserve or photograph if insurance is available, or to record for tax purposes)

§  Pull up carpeting/rugs for cleaning or removal.

§  Remove and dispose of wet carpet padding. (Padding acts like a sponge and does not respond well to cleaning efforts).

§  Use fan to move air out and away from the basement — open windows after the rain stops

§  Turn on air conditioning, if available, to remove moisture from air.

§  Turn on a dehumidifier, if available, to remove moisture from air and to encourage further dry down.

§  When cleaning up afterwards, use rubber gloves and mild bleach solution to kill germs and reduce the instance of mildew and mold growth.


Information Sheets (All PDF Files)

Checklists and Forms (All PDF Files)
Our checklists below are designed to help your family prepare for a variety of events.  These are intended to give you a direction and an idea of where to start.  Use what is best for your family and fits your specific needs.

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